Saturday, November 09, 2013

well we think COPS is the bees knees, John!!

I don't think we ladies need to John exactly what the "appeal" is, do we:)?
After 25 seasons on FOX as one of the network's seminal shows, and one that helped to establish its brand, the reality show "Cops" was axed last spring. So creator and executive producer John Langley, with "beloved" son and co-executive producer Morgan Langley, started looking for a new home.

This fall, "Cops" reappeared -- looking much as it always has and still airing on Saturdays -- on male-centric cable network Spike.

"I love Spike, to be honest with you," John Langley tells Zap2it, sitting in the show's production offices in Santa Monica, Calif. "I think Spike is the bee's knees. It's got the right demo. It's a good match. They are excited to have us. They're promoting like mad. All those reasons make it fun."

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