Sunday, July 15, 2012

holdin' out for a hero

L-R: Sgt. Scott Entrekin, Clark Thompson, Colt Gregory, Jeff Hopper, Hannah Harwood (accepting for her husband Jordan Harwood), Steven Hill, Gary Pierce, Mitch James. Source: Dixon Hayes  
Eight Gadsden Police officers have received the Medal of Valor following their work in a January incident, in which a suspect allegedly intended to kill police officers.
Police Chief John Crane handed the medals to Sgt. Scott Entrekin, Clark Thompson, Colt Gregory, Jeff Hopper, Steven Hill, Gary Pierce, and Mitch James. Hannah Harwood accepted on behalf of her husband, Jordan Harwood, who is deployed as part of the military.
Capt. Regina May says the incident in question happened January 8, when officers answered alarm calls at Rainbow Food Mart and Auto Zone stores located next to one another in the Alabama City section of Gadsden. Someone had fired shots through the front windows of both windows. As officers arrived, May says the suspect fired on the officers.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

i'm always a tad suspect

when someone sends in an anonymous picture. Especially when they immediately 'find' it and act all affronted by it.

Reason being, none of the pictures are labeled so there are no tags that would come up on Google. How could they possibly find it so quickly?

Plus, if you're not thrilled about it, why would you then point it out to other people to see it?

Always makes me think they sent it in themselves and want to pretend that someone else did it.


Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

FINALLY got to see...

21 Jump Street. I bought it for shits and giggles thinking it was going to be super dumb like Super Bad, another Jonah Hill movie but it was actually very funny. When I checked online, it had gotten good reviews when it was at the theaters.

AND that hottie cop, Channing Tatum, kept me watching, although I had no idea he was the same hottie I've been wanting to see in Magic Mike! He definitely pulls that cop look off to perfection!

I loved it in the beginning when it showed them being inducted into the police department and Tatum said "Get ready for a lifetime of being bad ass motherfuckers" and the next thing you see is them pedaling along the lake as bike cops...LOL!