Wednesday, December 26, 2012

oh yea fishers of men

Someone please explain to me why 'snagging' salmon depletes the population?

I don't get it.

Then again, I know diddly about fish.


Kid Cop said...

Snagging the salmon gives the fisherman a much simpler and quicker way of catching fish, as compared to the traditional (and legal) method of waiting for the fish to bite. At the rate in which salmon can be caught by snagging, the population would be depleted at an alarming rate due to the large number of fisherman during any given season. And, obviously, snagging is therefore illegal because the goals of the Wildlife Troopers is to protect said wildlife.

*Goddess* said...

Oooo, so it's actually the SPEED with which they're caught that can threaten to deplete the population. Ok, now i get it;)

Thanks so much for the explanation!