Thursday, November 17, 2011

it's never too early for a conjugal visit!

Texas Cop Catches Arrested, Handcuffed Couple Engaged In Sex Act In Back Seat Of Police Car

Meet Tina Marie Arie and Howard Windham.
The Texas duo was arrested on drug charges last Monday after a cop was summoned to a Whataburger, where a male acquaintance of Arie and Windham was passed out.
Arie, 44, who admitted providing the unconscious man with Hydrocodone, was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance. Windham, 30, was collared on a possession rap after he was found with the painkiller Soma. The pair was cuffed and stuffed into a police cruiser for the trip to get booked.
That’s when things got interesting, according to a spokesperson for Montgomery County Constable Precinct 4.


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"Servicing." LOL!