Saturday, June 25, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011


I find it really hard to believe that police would make entry like this at the suspected home of a fugitive. Hell, he's standing right in front of the door, knocking and yelling for them to open up. They could shoot him in a heartbeat. I thought they ALWAYS stood off to the side???

Piss Off, AJC!

I have enjoyed reading Lt. Steve Rose's View From the Cop for awhile now. His blog was featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

All of a sudden I couldn't find it anymore and I emailed and they said they "no longer feature this column". Well, suck it. Lt. Steve was a very good writer and very funny. I'm going to miss his wit and wisdom!

Did you know....

that Manhunters is still on the air and are just entering their third season? Yeah, me neither until I saw the eps on my HuluPlus queue.
UPDATE: Now that I checked Hulu, it apparently doesn't understand the concept of "TV-first run only". These eps ran in March and April. 

let's get ready to "rumble!"

it's a fort smith monday!