Friday, September 17, 2010

well, damnit, he's cute and the KITTENS cute.....they're a purrrfect pair!

An off-duty New York State Trooper participating in a fundraiser is called into action to help rescue a kitten trapped underneath a car at a local restaurant.
Trooper Keith Wesolek, and several other law enforcement officers were at the Applebee's restaurant in Lancaster Thursday night helping raise money for the Special Olympics, as part of their "Law and Orders" event.
A group had gathered outside around a vehicle after someone noticed a kitten had gotten stuck underneath and was crying.
The car was moved so that it was elevated enough for Trooper Wesolek to get underneath the car. He saw the kitten wedged between the engine block and fuel tank.
Trooper Wesolek was able to coax the scared kitten out.
The kitten was not hurt and was adopted by one of the servers at the restaurant.


Anonymous said...

found between the engine block and the gas tank? either it was a motorcycle or it was the worlds smallest car

law1204 said...

Hahaha that's what I was thinking.

But I do love a man who loves cats.