Sunday, September 19, 2010

BRING BACK MY COURT TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I used to watch Court TV,  I loved it. It was like a new boyfriend. You want to be around him, you love everything about him, you can't get enough of him and the sex is great!

Then Court TV changed to Tru TV, and it was like my boyfriend decided to change himself a little bit. He lost weight, got a new body and a big ego to go with it. Suddenly I begin to see the cracks in the relationship. The stuff that made me laugh was pissing me off. But the sex was still good so I continued to hang on.

Tru TV taunted us all year long with their name change and how they weren't "reality" they were "actuality", whatever the f*ck that means. Then it trotted out stupid show after stupider show. Now my bf just SUCKS and I HATE HIM, and I should cut him off all together, right? But bad sex is better than no sex, so while I despise myself, I continue to hang out with him, although with not near as much frequency as I used to, still unable to cut him off totally. I want to tell him to KISS MY ASS but I don't. But I'm close.

And that pretty much sums up my relationship with TruTV. Right now it's the only reason I'm paying for the higher level of Direct TV channels. Even though it SUCKS DONKEY DICKS with it's ridiculous programming, like Southern Fried Stings, which was Southern Fried Garbage, and Hardcore Pawn, which is Hardcore Stupid. People come in and try to sell stuff and the owner mocks them. WHEEEE! If that ain't "actuality" I don't know what is!

Most Shocking, which used to be a pretty good show, and consisted mostly of law enforcement related clips, has quickly degenerated into guys doing stupid stuff at home and videotaping it for attention. Now we have Ma's Roadhouse and in one clip "Kate aka Ma Hepburn" is feeling up some young girl's boobs in an effort to prove they're not real. That's the image I want burned into my retinas: an old lady groping a young chick in a bathing suit. Classy, Ma. Very classy. I see this show quickly going the way of Southern Fried Crap.

And then I'm angry about the fact that Tru TV only offers clips of it's shows. Nowhere online can you get full eps of their shows. Probably because I'm one of the few nitwits that want them, and I only want them for the ss's for the site.

Like I said, more and more, I'm hating this boyfriend and I'm getting ready to kick his butt to the curb forever. If I want fake reality shows, I'll watch Bravo. At least they don't pretend to be anything other than what they are: pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Thank you for allowing me to vent about my boyfriend. Gawd, I HATE HIM!!


The Admin said...

Breaking up is haaard to dooo!!

I hate stereotypes of Southerners. My (awesome) boyfriend is from the South, I have recently visited his home, and the people there are amazing.

That said, at least they are showing Speeders again. I couldn't care less about repo shows, or bounty hunters, tattoo artists, biker bars, or idiots doing stunts. I want law enforcement and crime, period.

*Goddess* said...

LOL! Good one.

Are they showing NEW Speeders??? I've seen reruns and I wish they'd have new ones. Of course Over the Limit is a lot like Speeders, and those are new on Sundays.

Yeah, ever since they went to this TruTV format, they've gotten away from LEO stuff. Some industrious soul needs to start a NEW channel devoted entirely to law now.

law1204 said...

LawTV, I like it.

I think the episodes I saw were old but they must have been ones I never caught back in the day.

There's nothing stranger than watching a show with my boyfriend that I used to get all Squee over when I was single. Because I can't hoot and holler when Peach and Duran come on like I used to...

*Goddess* said...

I know the feeling!

Aerinah said...

I am less pissed off about this issue, entirely because I only moved to the US about a month before the switch, so I never really got to know the old boyfriend (er, channel... good metaphor btw!).

I too have no use for Southern Fried Hardcore Repo etc. crap. But I will always love TruTV for all the cop shows they still have, and for World's Dumbest. Can't live without those...