Thursday, August 26, 2010

shoplifting, anyone???

Wow. It takes a certain kind of person (read: IDIOT) to think they could get away with shoplifting in a store filled with cops.......

Two men are accused of using the Portland Police Bureau's annual "Shop With a Cop" back-to-school event as a chance to shoplift.

Police spokeswoman Kelli Sheffer says roughly 60 officers were helping 155 children pick out clothes at a local store Wednesday when the suspects started stuffing shoes, tools and other merchandise into backpacks.

Store security spotted the illicit activity and helped officers arrest 30-year-old Jason Vantress and 20-year-old Shane Alexander.

Though shoplifting with a store full of cops seems risky, Sheffer says the pair figured the officers would be distracted.


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Tamale Chica said...

Another 2 candidates for the Darwin Award! With the stiff competition out there, our jails should be even more overcrowded.