Sunday, March 28, 2010

If you're not watching FX's Justified....'re missing one sexy lawman named Raylan Givens, aka Timothy Olyphant.

Aside from Raylan, one my favorites is his sexy boss, Art Mullen. Played by Nick Searcy, Art is 100% believable as a U.S. Marshal. You know, what I know of them....LOL!

Ok, but he's got that Southern drawl and sarcastic wit that I just love!

I will say this much, though, Justified's logo is about as shitty as it can be. Looks like it was doodled by a first grader........while he watched SpongeBobSquarePants.

if you missed it the first time around...

Over the Limit airs again this afternoon from 5-6 EST and this evening there will be two new eps from 10-11 EST. BTW, this show is made by the same folks who make Speeders. I wish they'd bring Speeders back. At least the speeders are creative. The drunks are just idiots.

Isn't this officer handsome:)????? I loved the part about "swearing on the graves," that totally had me rolling.

sunday funny

Thanks, BG!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I like cop shows but...

I don't think I'm ready for yet ANOTHER one. I just got sucked into FX's Justified, for Pete's sake!
Fox has given a put pilot order to "Ridealong," a Chicago-set cop show from "The Shield's" Shawn Ryan.

Project's a personal passion project of Ryan's, who grew up in nearby Rockford, Ill. "Ridealong" will center on three groups of police officers --ranging from uniformed beat cops to the female chief of police.

Ryan is set to write and exec produce the hourlong drama, which comes from 20th Century Fox TV.

Ryan plans to shoot the skein in Chicago, which he plans to make a major part of the show.

"It's a city I'm very familiar with, and one I haven't seen photographed much, at least on TV," Ryan said, "In my opinion, Chicago has become the center of the universe: It's the place that Barack Obama comes from, it's a candidate to host the Olympics, and it's where Oprah dispels her wisdom.

"When I pitched it to the people at Fox, (Chicago was) the first character I described," Ryan said. "It's a gorgeous town and is the most interesting architectural city in America."

Ryan said Chicago is also a "city with a big crime problem at the moment," which will inform the show.

Ryan said "Ridealong" will mostly take place on the streets of Chicago, and will be populated by unique people -- including the central lead character, a Polish-American cop who plays up his heritage.

"There will be a few twists that make it different from other cop shows on the air and will make it Fox-like," Ryan said.

"Ridealong" will showcase close-ended cases, "but something will happen in the pilot that will have overarching (ramifications) that we deal with over time. It will be less serialized than 'Grey's' but more than 'CSI'."

Ryan said "Ridealong" will also include elements of Chicago's shady politics and underworld.

"I don't think it will be as gritty a world as 'The Shield' was, but it will feel authentic," Ryan said.

"Ridealong" comes from Ryan's Midd Kid shingle, which he runs with Marney Hochman Nash.

The busy Ryan is behind the FX pilot "Terriers" and is an exec producer on "Lie to Me."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

speedy recovery!

The Weather Channel had the story of the Brooklyn Heights (OH) officer who was thrown over the side of the bridge when a car crashed into him while he was helping a stranded motorist last month. He is recovering from his injuries and hopes to be back to work soon. STORY
Thanks for letting me know about the story, BG!
And NO, I don't usually watch the Weather Channel. Hell, I didn't know they carried anything but the weather!


Another good episode of Southland tonight.

I'm wondering why they've already dumped the younger detective that was paired with Regina King after only one or two episodes? I thought I liked them together, but I have to admit there was some sort of chemistry thing going on with her and the new guy she was paired with tonight. I know he's older than the previous detective, but I like them together.

My one big gripe about this show?

Sometimes the actors have a tendency to talk under their breath and it's hard to catch what they're saying. Michael Cudlitz is the worst for this.

now this is some slick thinkin'!

Carly A. Houston was taken to the Naperville police station over the weekend, after she allegedly became embroiled in a heated, early morning dispute with a taxicab driver.

A police officer dutifully supplied the 29-year-old Chicago woman with a telephone, instructing her she could make one call to find a relative or friend who could come to the station to post her bail.

Instead, Houston used her call to dial 911, which immediately connected her to Naperville police dispatchers. She pleaded for help, complaining she was "trapped inside the detention facility," police said Monday.

Which, in turn, earned her another criminal charge, this one for making a false 911 report.

Houston's troubles began about 1:40 a.m. Sunday, when police were called to the BP service station at 901 N. Washington St., police Cmdr. Mike Anders said.

A cab driver there told police he had picked Houston up near the city's downtown, and that she had instructed him to drive north on Washington Street, Anders said.

When the driver asked for her specific destination, Houston allegedly "yelled, screamed, cursed and extended (both) middle fingers at the cab driver and threatened bodily harm" against him, Anders said. He stopped at the gas station, where employees and patrons were also "alarmed and disturbed" by her reputed behavior, he said.

Police "tried to intervene and reason with Ms. Houston" and persuade her to pay her $6.60 fare from downtown to the station, as the driver wanted nothing more to do with her at that point, Anders said. She allegedly refused to pay and continued with her disruptive behavior, at which point police arrested her and placed her inside a squad car, he said.

Houston was then taken to the police station for processing. While there at 3:10 a.m., Houston allegedly used a phone to call 911 "to report she's trapped inside the Naperville police detention facility," Anders said.

In addition to making a false 911 report, Houston was charged with theft of labor or services, criminal trespass to land and disorderly conduct. All of the charges are misdemeanors.

Houston was ultimately released on bail. Anders said she has an April 20 arraignment date scheduled in DuPage County Circuit Court in Wheaton.


they call the cops for everything else.....

good cop, bad dog

the week is so bright, he's gotta wear shades