Monday, November 30, 2009

When the Italian police unveiled their state-of-the-art Lamborghini patrol cars, they cannot have been short of volunteers itching to take the supercars in pursuit of speeding criminals.

A team of elite drivers was trained to chase down speeding motorists and deliver urgently-needed transplant organs in the futuristic vehicles, capable of reaching more than 200mph.

What they apparently were not prepared for was a distracted motorist who pulled out of a petrol station without looking.

Today, a bandaged and bruised police driver may have had a tough time explaining how he managed to write off one of the force's prized Lamborghinis when he rammed it so hard into a line of parked cars that one of the stationary vehicles ended up on the police car's roof.

According to the police, the crash was caused by the driver of a slow-moving Seat Ibiza who emerged without looking from a service station, clipping the Lamborghini and sending the vehicle swerving into the parked cars.

The front end of the Lamborghini was crushed in the accident, near Cremona, and the driver and a passenger were injured, although not seriously.

The Lamborghini Gallardo, worth £130,000 and capable of reaching 62mph in four seconds, was one of a pair donated by the Italian manufacturer to the police to do battle on Italy's roads, where 1 million motorists are injured annually and 4,731 died last year.

Both cars include transmitters to send images back to HQ, a defibrillator for accidents and a fridge for transporting donor organs. The two officers were returning from a convention in Cremona, where they had been addressed a student audience on road safety.


COPS in Martin County

saturday in vegas

the COPS are in Victorville!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

how MOOOOving!

Gas is $7 a gallon in Bethel, Alaska, and check out the price of moo juice!

working in alaska

workin' alaska

it's official

strolling the aisles of WalMart

staring down a sunday

cruising for crooks

bring on the bait car

busting folks with the bait car

Saturday, November 28, 2009

did you know...

That one oxycotin pill can sell for upwards of $400 in parts of Alaska?

Know what these are? Some of the common substances they ingest in Alaska to get high...YUCK!

Guess what the black market cost of 8 of these bottles of booze is? $2,000!! Whiskey that sells for $16 a bottle here, goes for $250-$300 in Alaska.

And I thought selling my two cans of Libby Pumpkin the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was smart thinking. Hell, I'm loading up my little Kia with booze and driving to Alaska! Course most of it will probably be gone by the time I get there.....

the tiger woods mess

In all the articles I've read about this Tiger Woods accident, they keep yammering on and on about how his wife "helped free him from the vehicle." I can't believe EMTS, police or medical personnel have not made it clear in these articles that the WORST THING you can do for someone who has been in an accident is move them. As long as there was no smell of gasoline or fire, his wife should have left him exactly where he was and let the professionals extract him. So far, people seem to be more worried about where her was going at 2:30 a.m. as if it's past his curfew or something.

And while I'm on the subject of TW, if the police came to my house or the house of any other non-celebrity after an accident, would we have the luxury of saying, "Sorry, I'm resting right now. I'll catch up with ya later for that questioning"? He was in the hospital for 12 hours, and state police followed up later but were turned away when his wife said he was sleeping. "We want him to be awake and coherent when he talks to us," said Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman, Kim Montes. Yes, but do they give EVERYONE that same luxury? I bet not.

More to this story, no doubt, especially in light of the allegations by the National Enquirer.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Chances are, the officer already heard your excuse

Which traffic excuse is your favorite?

If you have one, odds are law enforcement officers have heard it.

A need to go to the bathroom is the most popular excuse, a few police chiefs in Luzerne County said.

For Sugar Notch Police Chief Chris Pelchar, a couple of traffic stops were more unusual.

“I stopped a teen girl for passing through a stop sign on Woodland Road and she had a teen girl passenger,” Pelchar said. “They said they were going to audition for ‘American Idol’.”

With permission from Pelchar, the two girls got out of the vehicle and started singing and dancing.

“One girl held a hairbrush and was singing into it,” Pelchar said. “That had to be the strangest (traffic) stop that I’ve ever been involved in.”

Then, there was a traffic stop that Pelchar said he initially believed was a woman with blond hair. The driver was swerving on Main Street.

“I approached the door and requested the information from the woman and received a man’s driver’s license,” Pelchar said. “I verified it (with 911) and returned to the vehicle and there was a male in the driver’s seat. It was a male dressed in woman’s clothes. He took the wig off.”

Despite the entertainment, traffic stops are the most dangerous function conducted by officers, Wright Township Police Chief Joseph Jacob said.

According to statistics from the FBI, eight police officers were feloniously killed during traffic pursuits and stops in 2008. Statistics show 13 officers were accidentally killed when they were struck by other vehicles while conducting traffic stops or directing traffic.

“There is no such thing as a routine traffic stop,” Jacob said. “We don’t know who we’re going to encounter when stopping a vehicle. The most dangerous part is not only approaching the vehicle, it’s being exposed to other traffic unaware of the (traffic) stop or moving over. When somebody gives a funny excuse, it’s only amusement after the (traffic) stop is done and over.”

Despite the dangers of stopping an unknown motorist, Jacob said he has heard a few memorable tales.

“A guy that was stopped said he had cancer and didn’t know the speed limit,” Jacob said. “Or the girl who was stopped claimed her father said it was all right to speed, as long as she was coasting.”

Jackson Township Police Chief Jerome Leedock said there have been motorists stopped for speeding who blame the officer conducting the traffic stop.

“A woman stopped for speeding said she had to go to the bathroom and ended up spilling a soda in her lap, and she cursed and yelled, ‘See what you made me do,’ at the officer,” Leedock said.

“And then there was a man who gave the excuse, ‘I can only get one ticket a day. I just got one 20 minutes ago.’ There is always one or two excuses that blow your mind,” he said.

A common mistake that Jacob noted involves motorists merging to the right lane while traveling on a highway and approaching a traffic stop ahead of them.

State police Trooper Tom Kelly said that is a big “no-no.”

“Pennsylvania has a Move-Over Law,” Kelly said. “But we see the opposite. When a driver approaches a trooper or a police officer conducting a traffic stop, they automatically slow down and move to the right lane that puts their vehicle closer to the trooper who is exposed to traffic.

“We’d like for them to do the opposite. Slow down and when it’s feasible, move to the far lane, which is the left lane,” Kelly emphasized.

By Edward Lewis


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i apologize... the two chicks I had to mercilessly
whack out of this picture. They just
weren't in keeping with the
"hott cops" theme;)

Suicidal man talked off bridge with promise of burger

A suicidal man climbed to the top of the Interstate 95 bridge over the Piscataqua River early Wednesday morning and was talked down by two city cops who promised him a burger, said Chief Lou Ferland.

"I'm so proud of them," said the police chief about Officers Tim Black and Scott Pearl, who kept their promise of a hamburger and saved a life.

Black said he and Pearl were dispatched to the northbound side of the bridge just before 2 a.m., when a motorist reported seeing a man park and exit a truck, then climb "all the way up to the top." When they arrived, the officers recognized the truck as belonging to someone they were familiar with from growing up in the area.

An hour earlier, the same man left "a goodbye letter" at the police station and a be-on-the-lookout alert was radioed to area police agencies, said Pearl.

Wind from the height of the bridge, noise from passing tractor-trailers and darkness made it impossible to see or hear the suicidal man early on, said Black. While the two officers repeatedly called his name, traffic was stopped on the interstate and a Coast Guard boat idled below, just in case, said the officer.

"Once he realized Scott and I were there, we began a dialogue," he said.

"He was on the highest piece of the structure where there are no railings or safety nets," said Pearl. "He was just standing in the wind."

Wednesday morning brought the season's first hard frost.

Black said he knew the man recently lost his job, was having marital problems and living in his car.

"So I offered him someplace warm and a bite to eat and someone to listen," he said.

The man then began descending to a lower portion of the bridge, when Pearl said he was "hoping he didn't slip and fall." Assisting officers were moved back so "he didn't feel like he was confronted," and the man climbed down to safety, said Pearl.

"It was pretty emotional for him, as well as a breath of fresh air for us to see his feet on the ground," said Black. "We felt it was necessary to follow through, so we brought him back to the police station and we really listened to him."

Burgers and fries were shuttled from the TA Travel Center I-95 exit 3 truck stop in Greenland.

"Eating and spending time with him really helped him relax," said Pearl.

"We told him we're police officers, but we're not psychologists," said Black. "We convinced him to go to the emergency room for some help."

Both stayed at the hospital for a while and say when they left, the man from the bridge was "happier" and "relaxed."

"Hopefully he gets the help that he needs and the next time we see him he's smiling," said Black.

City police were assisted at the bridge by state troopers from New Hampshire and Maine, the Portsmouth Fire Department and the Coast Guard, said Ferland, who called the rescue a success and praised his responding officers' compassion.

"How warm can you be?" he asked.

By Elizabeth Dinan


Police Officer Keeps Promise to 6 Year Old Hit By Car

Thanks for sending the following story, Anon. I posted it on PositiveLEO, too.
TENN--When 6-year-old Jaquez McKinze was critically injured after being struck by a car at 300 North Willow Street, Officer Josh Wright made him a promise if Jaquez promised to get better.

Now that Jaquez is home with his family, Officer Wright fulfilled his end of that bargain recently spent the day with Jaquez as promised.

Jaquez’ recovery has been a giant hurdle to overcome after suffering a broken femur, collar and pelvic bone and puncturing one of his lungs in the accident.

He was hospitalized for two months during his recovery but he’s learning to triumph over his tragedy according to his mother, Kaynesha Steward.

“He’s moving a lot better and learning to communicate more,” Steward said. He still isn’t able to walk and is currently waiting on a wheel chair so that he can have more mobility.

Nonetheless, Steward said they’ve received numerous calls and well wishes on Jaquez’ recovery and that he’s anxious to go back to Orchard Knob Elementary to visit with friends.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

starting tuesday off with a smile

mustn't take much to excite the folks at TLC

Oh, CRAP. They're making it into a series....


TLC is hoping truth proves to be at least as popular as fiction.

Inspired by a blockbuster film earlier this year, the network has begun producing a reality series chronicling the security force at the country's largest mall.

The small-screen version comes after this year's Columbia Pictures' "Paul Blart: Mall Cop," starring Kevin James as a security agent at a New Jersey mall, grossed more than $180 million at the box office globally on a $26 million budget.

Titled "Mall Cops: Mall of America," the TLC cinema vérité version takes place at the Minneapolis mall, crowded by 40 million visitors annually. Earlier this fall, TLC ran a special carrying the same name.

Twelve half-hour episodes of the series have been ordered. The show could offer advertisers -- notably the 500 retailers that line the Mall of America's atriums -- ample opportunity for product placement.

The series comes from September Films, the production company behind A&E's "The Exterminators" and WEtv's "Bridezillas."

TLC also announced two other upcoming productions: "Ghost Intervention," a four-part series about a case manager and team of women with psychic abilities, debuting next month, and "Craving Comfort," where a chef travels the country exploring the foods that can kill a diet.

TLC has seen its ratings in the adult 18-to-49 demo rise 4% this season by one measure, to an average of 557,000. Among a secondary target of women 25-to-54, ratings are up 5% to 363,000.


Monday, November 23, 2009

calling all dog lovers

If you have some money to donate this holiday season, the Griffin PD in Georgia is raising money to replace K9 Jimi, who was stolen from his handler's home, murdered and left in a ditch.

Officer Chad Moxon, Jimi's handler, has raised over $5,100 towards a new dog, which will cost $8,500.

Donations can be sent to:
Griffin PD
868 W. Poplar St.,
Griffin, Ga. 30224

We extend our sympathies to Officer Moxon on the death of his partner & pet.

anybody watch The Academy OCFD?

I want to know what happened to the recruit that left his partner in the burning building?

ALTHOUGH I clearly heard the guy in charge say, "Everybody out of the building," or something to that effect. Guess you don't leave without making sure your partner is following though.

So did he get the boot or a second chance?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

another story that makes you go "awwwww!"

Thanks for sending this one, Cindy! ------------

A state trooper was conducting a routine traffic stop on Saturday night when he found himself helping deliver a baby.

Trooper J.L. Thorpe made the stop at N.C. Highway 42 and N.C. Highway 50, near the Wake-Johnston county line, around 10 p.m.

A couple driving by stopped and waved him over. The woman's water had broken 10 minutes earlier, and she knew the baby was on its way, Thorpe said.

Three minutes later, Thorpe said, he was holding a baby girl.

The baby was two weeks early, but she and her mother are doing fine at WakeMed, Thorpe said.



he's not starsky, but that's definitely Hutch

double trouble

OMG how romantic!!!

Ooooo, he's a hott motor cop, too:) Bonus!

Oakmont's Light Up night parade came to a halt last night when the police officer riding the lead motorcycle stopped in the middle of the main street and gestured to a woman standing along the route.

At first, the spectators lining the streets at Allegheny River Boulevard and Maryland Avenue couldn't hear what the officer in the Oakmont police uniform said to the woman in the salmon-colored top. But when he dismounted, took out a ring and knelt down on one knee, the folks in the crowd figured it out.

Friends of the couple unfurled a banner urging Alice Marcus, 30, to say yes to Trevor Okonak, 28.

She quickly nodded her head. As the newly engaged couple hugged and kissed and the crowd applauded, another police officer mounted the motorcycle and the parade moved on down the road.

Later, surrounded by family, friends, and strangers who told Mr. Okonak they were happy they'd chosen to stand where they did, Ms. Marcus said she was feeling "shock, confusion and happiness." But she admitted that, prior to the parade, she'd suspected her new fiancé was up to something.

Mr. Okonak had been acting "shady," she said, and she thought it was strange that all of her friends and family decided to attend the parade. Still, she was stunned.

The two met more than three years ago, when Mr. Okonak brought someone in to be treated at UPMC St. Margaret in Aspinwall and met Ms. Marcus, a nurse, said her aunt, MaryAlice Meli of McCandless. Two months ago, Mr. Okonak secretly asked Ms. Marcus' mother for permission to marry her daughter. On Monday, they purchased a home together.

Last night, Mr. Okonak said he was worried he would not be able to find his girlfriend in the crowd, but she was right where her family and friends had surreptitiously stationed her -- in front of the clock tower on Allegheny River Boulevard.

Afterwards, she couldn't recall exactly what Mr. Okonak had said to her when he stopped the parade. But he did.

"I told her I'd stop the world for you," he said, "but right now you have to settle for a parade."

By Kaitlynn Riely

Read more:

Thanks for sending M!

Tulsa County COPS

COPS in Palm Beach

Broken Arrow COPS

Friday, November 20, 2009

at ease

all I want for Christmas is a new cop calendar

Time to order those 2010 cop calendars!!

This year I've seen three. (If you know of any not listed here, please post the information in the comments section of this post, and I'll add it to the list.)

I've already mentioned the 2010 Police Dog K9 Calendar from John Baer Photography. I've purchased this calendar for a couple years now and it always has great pics, and is well worth the money. This years includes a large pull out poster with more pics. That's the way to go! is not having their big wall calendar this year, but went instead with a
2010 calendar poster. Gotta say, NOT a fan of this idea because there are four to choose from and Motorcops used to put out a really nice full sized calendar. I would have liked it better had it been a mix of photos from all four wall posters: K9, motor officers, police week and SWAT. I don't know if I'll purchase on at all this year because of the change of format. Plus, I'd be torn between K9's and motor officers. Posters are $8.50 each.

Last but not least, we have the 2010 Enforcer's Calendar, featuring members of the San Diego Enforcers Public Safety Football Team, which includes "...a cross section of firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement throughout San Diego County." The calendar cost is $10, and sales benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which is dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. Thanks to Sgt. M--who has been featured here on HottCops and is in the calendar-- for letting me know about this.