Saturday, December 12, 2009

you go, gurl!!

Angela Gutierrez says she had to do something when she saw a police officer being attacked.

"Nobody wants to be in that situation," she says.

Gutierrez, who is nine months pregnant, was driving down the road with her husband and child, when she saw a group of teens attack a police officer.

The Alton officer was called to the scene to break up a fight. Before arriving he already knew he would need help and called for backup. The teens the officer spotted refused to cooperate. Instead, they attacked.

Dashcam video recorded sounds of the teens beating the officers repeatedly.

Help finally arrived for the officer. It wasn't another officer. It was Gutierrez, whose baby is due in two weeks.

She says, "Something felt like I had to help. I told the guys to leave him alone."

Gutierrez is shown in the dashcam video trying to stop one of the teens. The group continued wrestling. At one point, the teens tried to grab the officer's gun. The pregnant Gutierrez continued to help the officer.

She says it was a gut reaction. The teens soon took off running.

Police tracked down the suspects a few days later. The three teens were arrested. They were charged with aggravated assault on a public servant and evading arrest. A judge set each of their bonds at $3,100,000 bond.

The officer who was attacked is recovering at home.

By Stephanie Stone


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