Thursday, December 10, 2009

WTF?! it's Steven Seagal, that's right, Steven Seagal, Deputy Sheriff

My job sucks big time and I needed a laugh, so naturally I had to watch this week's installment of "Steven Seagal, Lawman."

Something I noticed on last week's shows, I noticed again this week. Why does Steven use improper English when he’s on calls? Does he feel he has to dumb it down for the streets? “Where the baby got hit?” “Where he at? Where he at?” “That your baby? Where Momma?” SPEAK. ENGLISH.

My favorite line in this show was not from Steven but from another cop who yelled to a group of three men walking in a store parking lot that they wanted to stop, “Hey, all of ya all!”Almost as funny as the NY officer on COPS who shouted, "Hey, youse guys! Stop!"

After one woman accused a man of hitting her child with his car and they were fighting, Steven stepped aside and spoke to the camera in his quiet actor voice--wonder if he does that in real life? “The martial arts that I practice is Aikido, which is all about harmony and oneness, and there’s an awful lot of arguing going on here so I’m going to see if I can promote a little harmony.”

When the 911 operator initially radioed the officers about the car accident, Steven picked up the radio and said in his quiet actor voice, "That's very bad news." Yet another intelligent observation, not unlike “the streets are a dangerous place.”
OH! And on this week's shows, Steven SANG.

This show just keeps getting better and better. And when I say "better and better" I mean "funnier and funnier".

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