Saturday, December 12, 2009

this is the weekend of calendars...

Ok, I got a good look...a very, very, LONG, LONG, GOOD HARD look at my gf's San Diego Enforcer's 2010 Calendar.

OMG. Buff bods a plenty, ladies! If you liked the Garland SWAT calendar a few years back, you will LOVE this one.

One of the officers in this calendar was on Hott Cops, and let me tell ya, the picture I posted has NOTHING on the way he looks in this calendar. HOTT DAMN. In case you're wondering who was on the site and in the calendar, he's Sgt. "April":). It is definitely "time for a refresher course"!

There are sooooo many gorgeous guys in this calendar and they're shirtless, as well as dressed in a suit, which I think is VERY SEXY.

I can't even pick the hottest one because there are too many hott ones to pick from. There is one D.A. investigator from the San Diego District Attorney's Office that totally makes me want to turn states evidence.

Trust me, if you like gorgeous men with gorgeous bods, you will not be disappointed in this calendar.


Tamale Chica said...

Oh my, that calendar screams, "Frisk me, PLEASE!!!"

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, "frisk me shirtless!" lol

Anonymous said...


nltisme said...

Lord have mercy! HAWT!