Friday, December 18, 2009

here's something you don't see a lot of: honesty

Purses stay safe during police sting

Daphne Police say their job is a constant battle between good and evil. After a recent department operation, good has prevailed.

Video shows a female suspect stealing from a female victim right after Thanksgiving at the Daphne Sam's Club.

The thief gets out of the car and leaves the door open. The perpetrator waits for the woman to turn her back, then snatches the purse, and makes a run for it.

To combat purse snatchers, Daphne police set up an operation. They put a purse with a GPS tracking device inside at various shopping centers. But officers ran into one issue.

"We had so many honest people over here that they would find the purse and go turn it in the store or find a buggy carrier," said Lt. Jud Beedy.

So police cancelled the operation. Investigators say this is an example of how good outweighs bad.

The woman who was caught on video stealing the purse at Sam's Club has not been arrested. Call local authorities to put her and the accomplice behind bars.

By Hubert Tate


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