Sunday, September 06, 2009

Labor Day comes early: Cops help new mom deliver baby in back of cab

From left Police Officers Justin Naimoli, and Theodore Plevritis from the 1st Precinct.

Labor Day came a little too early for one New York mom.

An NYPD officer had to deliver her baby girl in the back of a livery cab early Saturday. Ester Abbot and her husband, Joseph, were rushing to the hospital and had just exited the Battery Tunnel in lower Manhattan.

Officer Theodore Plevritis, 28, saw the cab driver coming toward him, honking his horn wildly and yelling.

"He screamed that the lady in the backseat was having a baby," Plevritis said a few hours after the delivery.

Plevritis went to help while partner Justin Naimoli radioed for medical assistance.

"She was pretty calm," Plevritis said."The husband was pacing back and forth behind the car, and the cab driver was going crazy.

"He was more excited than freaking. It was his first baby delivery in his cab," Plevritis said.

The 7-pound, 12-ounce girl popped into the world about five minutes later at 5:46 a.m., officials said.

"I caught the baby; she did all the work," Plevritis said.

"She was slippery. I just wanted to make sure I held onto her."

The 1st Precinct officer was thankful that emergency medical technicians arrived quickly to cut the umbilical cord. "I'm not a doctor. I had done enough already," he said, describing the newborn as "absolutely beautiful."

Ester Abbot, 31, said the baby, their third child, was doing well at NYU Medical Center, but she declined to comment further.

Plevritis, who is single and has no kids, has been on the force for three years. He said he learned about delivering babies from a training video at the Police Academy. Getting to put his skills into practice is something he'll "never forget." "I definitely didn't go to work expecting to deliver a baby. It's been a long night," he said.

He was considering buying a lottery ticket using the newborn's birth date and weight as his numbers.

Plevritis wasn't the first cop called on to play stork last week. On Wednesday, Officer George Tsoukaris, 37, helped deliver a baby girl on the Atlantic Ave. off-ramp of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Brooklyn.

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