Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sheriff Raises Funds by Opening Jail as One-Night B&B

Hmmm, when I think "getting away from it all," I've never thought, "hey! let's go to jail!" Might be a good way to scare kids straight, though.

A new "Bed and Breakfast" in Missouri is becoming the talk of the town.
The jail-turned-hotel has people from around the country heading for the St. Louis area for what one sheriff is calling a "Jail and Breakfast".

"Show up and be prepared to be booked into the facility just like any inmate," invites Glenn Boyer, Jefferson County Sheriff. "You'll be issued a jail uniform when you come in."

You'll sleep in jail beds and eat jail food.

"We're going to feed them an evening meal, which will be the same meal we feed our inmates. They'll feed a breakfast meal which will be the same meal we feed our inmates," Boyer says.

It's Jefferson County's "Jail and Breakfast", Friday July 31st; for $50 you can spend the night in the new 156 bed minimum security jail; an "open bay" type jail, as opposed individual cells. You'll be bunking where the sheriff's desk used to be.
"Used to be right over there in that corner. It really looks different. You've interviewed me in that office before," Boyer says.

He says with about 200 inmates and only 120 beds right now, it'll cost Jefferson County about $50,000 to put its prisoners in other jails.

The sheriff says travelers from New Jersey and Florida have already made reservations; be warned, this is no 5 star resort.
Melinda Bowen is paying hundreds of dollars to bail out for failure to appear in court. She knows staying here can leave one with a "caged-in" feeling. "It's jail. I would never pay to stay here, you know."

"If you want to come in and you decide, hey this is not for me, for an additional $10 we'll allow you to bail out early," Boyer says. "When the door closes in a jail it always closes for good. And, Andy we always keep a light on for you, buddy."


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