Friday, July 31, 2009

investigating the speeders in Chattanooga

catching panama city's lawless ladies

catching those lawless ladies in jacinto city

ventura highway in the sunshine

good grief! is there no end to the hotties in Calvert County?!

Pffft. Guys.

Only a guy would think a stupid ass Lambo door on a car that WASN'T a Lamborghini looked cool. Why stop there? Why not slap a Mercedes hood
ornament on the front?
That would make it SUPER cool. Oy.

when one door closes, another one opens in oak lawn

"I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to enforce the law."

He's one of my faaaaavorites:) I just love that Slidell accent!

he's thrilled it's friday

Xar is working for the weekend

great grin, gunner!

patrolling riker's island

it sure is green in montesano

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

another gorgeous gainesville guy

one of those hott but tough FHP officers

eureka! he's hott

it's a dooley kind of day

another wild & wicked wednesday

looking for clues

checking out collier

oooh those lawless ladies

it's mundie on wednesday!

must ...these


I'm wondering how long it will take Okra to have the Professor and Sgt. Crowley on her show?

She always has to put her two cents in there.....

are you kidding me?!

Why would ANY woman want to be seen wi---OY.


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A week or so ago, I added a "recent comments" section in the sidebar.

This will allow you to see what posts people are commenting on, and especially what older posts they're still talking about without having to go back and check any posts.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

what kind of an American am I?!

How could I have forgotten to post the patriotic boobs for the 4th?! It's one of the tenets this country was founded on: liberty, justice, and big fake boobs for all! Enjoy ....and don't forget to salute.

i like the pic and i like that smile;)

look! it's a 'girl cop'!

I always laugh when I hear someone refer to a female
officer as a 'girl cop'. Guess that makes the men 'boy cops':)

most daring in minneapolis

Fredo is gettin' down to business

Kora's on the job!

whiling away the hours in San Quentin

it's a mahhhvelous Monday..if you're LAPD