Thursday, June 25, 2009

guess who's back behind the wheel?

Looking good, Nitro!!!

Poor Nitro. The six year-old German Shepherd police dog tried not to take it personally when he was laid off from the Aberdeen Police Department last month. Police Chief Bob Torgerson blamed it on budget cuts, which forced him to eliminate Nitro's job, which costs the department $12,000 annually, reports the Seattle Times.

Most of that $12,000 is comprised of overtime pay for K-9 police officer Steve Timmons to care for Nitro during off hours. Timmons offered to donate his time and work for free, but the department, union rules and federal and state labor laws made that an impossibility.

Instead, after Nitro was laid off, Officer Timmons started fundraising to bring back his canine partner, who had helped collar 35 to 40 suspects since joining the force in 2005.

Officer Timmons' efforts paid off and he raised $13,000 --- enough for Nitro to re-join the force and work for the next year and a half. "He's anxious to get back to work," Officer Timmons said, appearing this week with Nitro on a televised interview.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to read this. God bless people who do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Nitro's back at work! He's quite the handsome feller, my pup would be head-over-heels for him if they ever met, hehe. Hope the fundraising will go well for the next year.

nltisme said...

Welcome back Nitro!