Tuesday, June 30, 2009

slim, trim AND sworn to uphold the law

Looks like my dog....except about 50 pounds lighter:)

laying down the law

tuesday in presque isle

the greatest crime fighting team the world has ever known

smiling in auburn

They seriously need to come up with new "personal" messages:). If I read "stay in school and don't do drugs" one mo' time....

tuesday's crimefighting duo

I call shotgun!

best seat in the house

Rest in peace, Var

Back in April I posted a story about K9 Var receiving the Purple Heart. Sadly, he passed away over the weekend.

K9 Officer Var, the German Shepherd who received the Purple Heart after being wounded while chasing a suspect with his partner this last March, passed away over the weekend.

Var died from complications over the weekend according to his former partner, Officer Dan Lesser.

"I was fortunate to get to sit with him on Saturday," Lesser said in an e-mail Monday afternoon. "I wanted to thank everyone for all of the support that they have given. Var was an amazing dog and you don't realize all the good that he has done and all the lives he has impacted."

Var was awarded the Purple Heart in late April after he was shot and wounded twice by a thief he was following during a foot pursuit with his partner Officer Lesser. He is the only K9 in the police department's history to receive the award for being wounded in the line of duty.

He was wounded in action in March while tracking 22-year-old Johnnie Longest during a nighttime foot pursuit. Longest was tracked by Var when he tried to run from police. During the foot pursuit Longest shot Var twice in the face and leg. Var's partner returned fire and killed Longest.

At the time Var had been recalled from retirement to active duty just three days before he was shot and wounded. He underwent surgery for his wounds and returned to retirement, his position on the force taken over by new K9 Rav ... which is Var spelled backwards.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

"ok, which one of you clowns dropped your gun?"

K-9 Dago,
Port Security Team K-9 Division

protecting the folks of cuyahoga falls

speeding through Akron

if i could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do is update my site daily

Sorry I've been so lax getting pics up the last few days. I've been working 50 hours the last couple weeks and it catches up with me.

Today I'll get some ss's from Speeders. I zipped through it and saw there was one "new" officer. He was on the "Busted" Live episode on MTV a while back, but is new to Speeders. I've heard before that the shows were made by the same folks, so I guess it's true.

Thankfully---and I NEVER thought I'd hear myself say this--COPS was a repeat...LOL! So I won't have to worry about making ss's from that.

Have a great week!

under fire

it's a most shocking sunday

crash into you

no 'butts' about it

how i miss those pierce county eps

fine as (al)wine

me, myself and the rhode island state trooper

colorado springs K9s

looking VERY sharp in Clayton County

that's the way they grow 'em in Texas

Thursday, June 25, 2009

guess who's back behind the wheel?

Looking good, Nitro!!!

Poor Nitro. The six year-old German Shepherd police dog tried not to take it personally when he was laid off from the Aberdeen Police Department last month. Police Chief Bob Torgerson blamed it on budget cuts, which forced him to eliminate Nitro's job, which costs the department $12,000 annually, reports the Seattle Times.

Most of that $12,000 is comprised of overtime pay for K-9 police officer Steve Timmons to care for Nitro during off hours. Timmons offered to donate his time and work for free, but the department, union rules and federal and state labor laws made that an impossibility.

Instead, after Nitro was laid off, Officer Timmons started fundraising to bring back his canine partner, who had helped collar 35 to 40 suspects since joining the force in 2005.

Officer Timmons' efforts paid off and he raised $13,000 --- enough for Nitro to re-join the force and work for the next year and a half. "He's anxious to get back to work," Officer Timmons said, appearing this week with Nitro on a televised interview.

she rocks!

A would-be bank robber gets much more than he bargained for during a holdup in Mission Viejo in the form of a 5-foot-7-inch-tall female former police officer.