Saturday, January 31, 2009

it's not too late....

Here is just ONE of the many, many BEAUTIFUL pictures from the 2009 MotorCop calendar.

If you didn't get it, you're missing out!

I don't know who he is, but he's hott, yes?

Great job, kids!

"Ringo" and his human partner, Anderson County Sheriff's Deputy Rick Coley, have been fighting crime together for almost 10 years.

But for Coley, "Ringo" is much more than an assistant.

"When you get these dogs you develop a bond. These dogs go to work with us every day, they ride in the car with us just like you would a human partner. You get very attached," Coley said.

So when he switched from the Clinton Police Department to the Anderson County Sheriff's Office, he wanted to bring "Ringo" with him.

"We've been together a long time. He's part of my family," Coley said.

That meant finding $3,000 to pay for him.

One day while Coley and "Ringo" were patrolling Anderson County High School, a few students came to the rescue.

"These kids over the years have come to know me and him. Some of the kids came and said, 'Hey, want to help'," Coley said.

They came up with a creative idea.

If students could raise $1500, the K-9 unit would do a demonstration, ending with their principal in a bite suit.

"The kids know the officers, the kids know the dogs. The Sheriff's Office and the Clinton City Police Department have been excellent resources for us. We do everything we can on this end to keep that relationship going," said Anderson County High School's Principal Greg Deal.

Now the Sheriff's Office is one K-9 stronger.

"The dog saves us a lot of man errors and money," said Anderson County Sheriff Paul White.

And Coley still gets a little choked up when he thinks of what the students did.

"These kids are keeping me together with my partner," he said.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office now has 3 officers on it's K-9 unit.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Why don't any of the cops in my little 'burgh go crazy like this?!

Wonder if he'll be appearing in court with his clothes on or his clothes off? BWAHAHAAHAHA! But in all fairness, he WAS off duty:)

A 21-year-old policeman will appear in court after allegedly running naked through a hotel carpark in the NSW central west.

The off-duty constable removed his clothes and ran naked past a group of patrons at a hotel on Castlereagh Highway, Capertee about 9.30pm (AEDT) on December 3, police said.

Police said the officer, who is attached to the central metropolitan region, then returned to the carpark and got dressed.

A Capertee resident reported the incident to police on January 16.

The officer has been issued with a court attendance notice for offensive conduct.

He is due to appear at Lithgow Local Court on April 9, 2009.


K9 Team Wins Big for Losing Big

Some local K-9 unit police officers and and a sheriff's deputy teamed up for a big weight loss challenge. Thursday, they found out their hard work has earned them a $10,000 prize in the Body for Life fitness challenge.

The metro area K-9 handlers thought they were meeting up at the La Vista Police Department for a conference call. Instead, representatives from the fitness program they’ve been following surprised them with the check.

“Congratulations,” one representative announced, “You are the large group 2009 Grandmaster Body for Life champions.”

“It’s awesome. It’s awesome,” said Bellevue police officer Chad Heller.

The big money is a reward for losing big weight. Combined, the eight participants lost nearly 230 pounds and nearly 49 percent body fat.

"We like to think that equates to getting one bad guy off the streets," joked LaVista police officer John York, who spearheaded the effort last January. Officers had various reasons for signing on.

"K-9 training and the handling of the dogs can be a vigorous job, so we wanted to improve ourselves in that regard," said York.

Fellow La Vista police officer John Danderand said, "I was tired of trying to compete with the young guys and running behind them all the time."

Bellevue police officer Dustin Franks said his motivation came from one moment on the job. "For the first time ever, I was outrun by a suspect and I think that's when, you know, I had to draw the line."

For Bellevue police officer Chad Heller, it was something his then pregnant wife said to him. "She said that she hoped her stomach didn't get as big as mine. So that was a little bit of motivation."

The baby, Ella, is now 7 months old. Heller says he’s more capable of keeping up with her after losing 32 pounds in the challenge. He’s kept most of it off.

Heller’s wife, Sue, said the transformation has been huge. “He looks awesome, he looks awesome.”

"It was good to see him conscious of what he was eating. He gave up pop, that was a big deal, and, to have him working out, it’s great."

The officers worked out at least five days a week during the challenge. While some admit they’ve slowed down, they’ve all remained fit.

"I'm not tired all the time,” Heller said. “I don't feel like just lying around on my days off."

More productive off the job and better at their jobs, the men say their benefits go well beyond a cash reward.

The K-9 handlers had some good local role models, prodding them along in their success. Members of the Papillion Police Department won the same Body for Life group challenge in 2006.

For more information on the Body for Life program including recipes used by the K-9 team, Click here


inside jail & the pd

jailing the criminals

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I can't believe people think this will actually work...

COVINGTON, Wash. – It’s not too often you hear about someone calling 911 in the hopes police will go away.

Sheriff’s deputies say a woman called in a fake report of a convenience store robbery, presumably to get a deputy who was chasing her and a wanted man, to break off the pursuit.

King County Sheriff’s Spokesman John Urquhart says the deputy pulled over a pickup for a possible DUI late Monday night in Covington. As the deputy walked up to the truck, the man behind the wheel drove away with the female passenger. The deputy was sprayed with rocks and dirt.

The ensuing chase lasted eight minutes and reached speeds up to 70 mph.

During the chase, deputies say the woman called 911 and tried to report an armed robbery at a Circle K convenience store on Kent Kangley Road.

“There’s two kids inside the store,” the woman is heard saying on the 911 recording. “They’re under five-years-old and they’re inside the store. And the guy’s got a gun … ”

The 911 operator, for whatever reason, was not fooled.

The deputy eventually used what is called a PIT maneuver to force the truck off the road. The driver lost control and hit a power pole.

Both people were arrested with minor injures.

The 44-year-old driver from Bonney Lake was arrested and later identified as a wanted escapee from community custody.

The 35-year-old Puyallup woman who allegedly made the call was booked on charges of False Reporting and Rendering Criminal Assistance.


most daring

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

good for them!

Five North Carolina sheriff's deputies who work together at the jail are sharing $1 million in Powerball lottery winnings.

The Gaston Gazette reported that the Gaston County officers all showed up for work Monday after the Saturday drawing gave them each $136,000 after taxes.

Deputy Fay Costner says she and her colleagues came to work after their big win because they are professionals and are dedicated to their community.

Costner says the deputies have to work Tuesday but plan to go to Raleigh on Wednesday to get their winnings.

The five deputies contribute $20 every five weeks to buy tickets.

It was the second $1 million win in Gaston County in less than a month. A ticket sold Dec. 31 also won $1 million.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

blue line dawg puzzles

I think it's awesome how we all have so many different talents.

I happened to stumble upon this page by accident.

This person makes "puzzles" of fallen police dogs and sends them to the handler. What a wonderful gesture. And something I never would have thought of.

How creative.

ooo here he comes

tag! you're (not) it!

For some weird reason, my search/tags don't seem to be working properly.

Last night, I typed in "Homeland Security USA" to make sure I didn't post the same guys twice, and only one post showed up. I knew I had more than that, and when I manually checked the tags, it showed four posts under H.S. USA.

Other people have told me they've searched for certain officers and I know they're on the page, but it doesn't come up using search/tags.

My only answer is that I don't have the vaguest idea why this is happening:)
Maybe because I have SO MANY tags?

life in the LAPD

working the border

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pc's eye impaled in arrest chase

A young police constable was so intent on making his first arrest on the job that he did not realise that he had been speered through an eye by a spiky twig when he fell during the chase.

PC John Nash's injuries were so bad that his family and finacée were told he could lose his sight, and was likely to suffer brain damage or die during surgery to remove it.

Extraordinary X-ray photographs show how the six-inch twig pierced his eye lid, smashed a cheek bone, forced its way underneath his eye ball and came to rest against the brain.

After three hours of surgery he has emerged with only limited sight in one eye but otherwise in good health. His surgeon is hopeful that, over time, he may recover some of his lost sight.

His case has been made public by the Greater Manchester branch of the Police Federation as an example of the dangers faced by officers on the streets.

Mr Nash, 25, who had only been on the job for six days, was in an unmarked police vehicle following two cars that were being driven erratically through an estate in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. When the occupants of one car fled on foot, the constable gave chase cornering a suspect in a dead end.

During the chase he slipped on a muddy lawn and fell head first into a bush. One of the branches stuck in the officer's eye and snapped off but he carried on oblivious to the pain.

It was only when his captive turned around in horror and told him he had to get to hospital that he began to realise the extent of his injury.

Mr Nash, of Droylsden, Greater Manchester, said: "The weather was horrible. It was dark, cold and raining. I had run across some grass to cut him off as he got to a fence. The grass was boggy and I slipped.

"I was really motoring and I slipped into a shrub that left a ringing in my let ear. I thought at the time that I had hit my baton. The suspect was still trying to get over the fence so I grabbed his ankle.

"He kept referring to my face and I said 'That doesn't matter, come on'. I just thought I had given myself a black eye. Then somebody said 'Get an ambulance quick, he has got something in his eye'. I wondered whether he was talking about me.

"I looked across with my right eye. That is when I noticed a stick coming out of my left eye and wondering 'What the heck is this?'"

He was taken to Fairfield Hospital, in Bury, in a patrol car. He was transferred to Blackburn Royal Hospital where he underwent three hours of surgery. Surgeons warned Rebecca Senior, 23, the officer's fiancée, of the seriousness of his condition.

Mr Nash said: "Before the surgery I was told I might lose the sight of the eye and brain damage was likely. They told Rebecca it was life-threatening. Luckily, it only touched my brain and they managed to get it out."

Annaswami Vijaykumar, the surgeon who carried out the operation, said that if the piece of wood had moved a "couple of millimetres" the outcome could have been vastly different.

The surgeon said: "The officer is very fortunate and lucky to be able to see again. Currently the vision is limited but may improve with time."

Inspector Ian Hanson, of the Police Federation, said that PC Nash is now keen to return to duty as soon as possible.

He said: "My problem is to manage that carefully so we do not impede his recovery.

"You could say he is incredibly lucky. He fell while pursuing someone he believed was an offender. However, he is very unlucky that a piece of wood, the thickness of a little finger, penetrated four inches into his skull. This was only his sixth day on the job and his first arrest."


patroling the beach

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Monday, January 19, 2009

saturday's top COPS

I really liked the way Officer Delalis handled the domestic violence call that was shown on Saturday. I felt so bad for the woman when he offered her her wedding ring and she looked at it and started crying. Anyone who has been married knows all the symbolism behind that ring.

There was another officer in this segment, but I couldn't get a ss of him.

COPS of the weekend

COPS da show

good one!

Fox Reality Channel is running eps of Street Patrol (footage that didn't make it to COPS) allll day long til 7 pm EST.

Rick Lewis from Atlanta was on and the guy was complaining the handcuffs were too tight, and would Officer Lewis loosen them?

Officer Lewis said, "Nah, I can't. They're brand new. They'll stretch." LOL!

mystery cops fight back

hungry like the wolf

start waving those 'Terrible Towels' cuz....


Sunday, January 18, 2009

second verse, same as the first!

The girls are cheering their little hearts out, but I think the cheer is a bit short on words;)

WORD OF WARNING: if you watch, you will be singing this dumb cheer all day.

wouldn't you just love to work in traffic court on a regular basis?

Yeah, me neither...

Something that sounds like a great idea in your bedroom, doesn't always translate well in the general public. I'm just glad there was no 'hairbrush microphone'....