Thursday, December 31, 2009

closing time! one last call for alcohol....

I wish you a year of peace, love, prosperity, good health and most of all, good friends….

Happy New Year!!

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end…”

from View From the Cop

The officer who writes this column is soooo funny!


4900 block of Roswell Road: Just before 11 p.m., cops were called to an apartment parking lot in reference to a disturbance. They spoke with a woman who said her boyfriend and her got into an argument and she told him to leave. He would not. She then got into her car and tried to leave but her boyfriend got on top of the car, still arguing, and would not get off. He was arrested.

What is it about men, who get really angry and sometimes drunk, that makes them want to climb on the car when arguing with the significant other? I remember answering dozens of calls at bar-parking lots. The man was on the car and arguing with the woman. This usually resulted in an arrest, and many times an arrest after the guy was released from the hospital after the woman either hit the accelerator or brake, depending on if the car was in motion.

Men: This is not a tactical advantage. First of all, if you’re arguing with your girlfriend, wife or both, then retreat. Do not climb anything. Stay firmly planted to the ground and immediately leave the area. The odds of you coming out of this winning the argument are 0%.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

some new reading material to keep me warm....

Party Heat: Little Sturgis, Big Blast

I figured there weren't a lot of cops in Sturgis, because at the beginning of this Party Heat, Officer Dixon mentions that the town has a population of 2000. However, I didn't realize they only had two officers to work the entire motorcycle rally. At least, that's what I'm ASSuming since only two officers were featured in this Party Heat:(. Boo.
Next time, don't be scotch with the hott officers, Party Heat producers!

preparing for duty this December 26th....

Friday, December 25, 2009

what a Cop Out

when you're wright, you're wright

New POV Cop Show Coming Soon

Any show that brings us a new bunch of Hott Cops to drool over is a fine Christmas present as far as I'm concerned!

A new cable reality show is planning to give the nation a first-hand look at the lives of police officers by installing head-mounted cameras on the cops!

That sounds terrifying and compelling all at the same time!

The show, which is said to be similar to Cops, has a working title of POV-PD and will be produced by Base Productions, the same guys responsible for Human Wrecking Balls and Fight Science, and Taser International, the manufacturers behind the POV cams.

"POV-PD will provide a new platform of longform television to show the public the challenges and heroic actions of law enforcement, recorded from the visual perspective of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day," Rick Smith, CEO of Taser International explained.

Reports say the Taser has given the new technology a spin in San Jose, CA where cops have been mounted with the "bluetooth-sized" cams, but the cameras have caught "violent run-ins with civilians" which has sorta-kinda angered the public.



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A blue Christmas: Lights honor fallen police officers

Many people are acting on the suggestion of displaying a blue light In honor of several police officers killed recently in Western Washington.

One place where that is clearly evident is in Tukwila, at the apartment complex where Christopher Monfort was captured last month.

Monfort is accused of killing Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton and wounding his partner on Halloween.

The blue lights are also being displayed around the Puget Sound area in honor of the four Lakewood police officers killed in last month.


smiling on a wednesday

scooby dooby dooooooo

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sansom Park Issues Drivers 'Tickets For Tots'

Every year, a North Texas police department is flooded with letters and calls from families who cannot afford to have a Christmas for their children. And officers come to the rescue by issuing traffic Tickets for Tots...


Friday, December 18, 2009

former boca raton officer now known as "Miss January"....

here's something you don't see a lot of: honesty

Purses stay safe during police sting

Daphne Police say their job is a constant battle between good and evil. After a recent department operation, good has prevailed.

Video shows a female suspect stealing from a female victim right after Thanksgiving at the Daphne Sam's Club.

The thief gets out of the car and leaves the door open. The perpetrator waits for the woman to turn her back, then snatches the purse, and makes a run for it.

To combat purse snatchers, Daphne police set up an operation. They put a purse with a GPS tracking device inside at various shopping centers. But officers ran into one issue.

"We had so many honest people over here that they would find the purse and go turn it in the store or find a buggy carrier," said Lt. Jud Beedy.

So police cancelled the operation. Investigators say this is an example of how good outweighs bad.

The woman who was caught on video stealing the purse at Sam's Club has not been arrested. Call local authorities to put her and the accomplice behind bars.

By Hubert Tate


hanging around the squad

a K9 couple with a couple of K9's....

vesting those K9's

growling and prowling in Alpharetta

there's mayhem in Kansas City!

there's madness in Alamogordo!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

who says cops don't have a sense of humor?

I'll take the "6 guns for cleaning" guy in my stocking, Santa....and the "10 coffee breaks" guy ain't bad either:) Great job!
Thanks for sending, TC:)

My two favs.....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

S.W.A.T. Magazine TV Show

S.W.A.T. Magazine TV will begin airing its weekly show January 2010, on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. (EST) on the Outdoor Channel.

The show will mirror the same integrity, professionalism and thorough insight that S.W.A.T. Magazine ( has published for more than 25 years, under meticulous oversight of Editor Denny Hansen.

Rob Pincus, staff S.W.A.T. Magazine writer since 2001 and host of S.W.A.T. Magazine TV, said, “S.W.A.T. Magazine is a trusted and respected magazine, which provides its readers with valuable information on the latest weapons and tactical training techniques.

It was only natural for S.W.A.T. Magazine’s next development to become a TV show. Our goal with the show is to provide the same quality information that we provide in the magazine, but delve further into topics that our readers want to see. We have many great guests that will be appearing, and, they’ll discuss a myriad of topics from what their roles are in providing safety and security to the importance of using realistic targets.”

S.W.A.T. Magazine TV guests include S.W.A.T. Magazine staff writers, instructors, industry representatives and people who are interested in developing their firearms knowledge and tactical skills.

Featured guests include Louis Awerbuck, Tony Blauer, Travis Haley, James Yeager and other instructors currently active in the military and law enforcement professions. Special segments will offer a unique look at the special teams and components of law enforcement, private security and the military world.

Other segments include a feature with S.W.A.T. Magazine columnist Brent Wheat, where he’ll discuss issues that affect everyone interested in personal safety, as well as instructor and team profiles.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009's tuesday's law man o'the day

standing tall on Tuesday

he must have a thing for women in uniform

I can't believe they both turned him down. Who doesn't love a roll in the hay with a stinking drunk?!

Overland Park police said a man accused of drunken driving allegedly grabbed a female police officer and tried to convince her to have sex with him.

Officers said the incident happened inside the booking room at the Overland Park Police Station as a female officer tried to fingerprint Thomas Thurber, 23. The officer claimed that the man grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him.

The officer moved away and called another police officer to assist her. Police said Thurber then propositioned the female officer when he was being transported to the county jail.

The incident happened three weeks ago, but police only recently decided to send the evidence to the prosecutor in order to see if the man will be charged with sexual battery.

Police said it's not often a suspect will try to sexually assault an officer inside the police station.

The man has been charged in municipal court with drunken driving.


Monday, December 14, 2009

one more reason I could never be a cop....

THREE MILES?! That dude picked the wrong officer to run from...


A (UK) POLICE community support officer was determined to catch an alledged thief by chasing him for miles.

Cross-country enthusiast Officer Alex Brader, 27, chased through fields and across railway tracks between Peakirk and Deeping St James in a bid to halt the alleged crook.

And throughout the half-hour chase, Officer Brader kept up a stream of commentary on
his police radio to ensure his colleagues could position themselves for the inevitable capture.

It meant that, despite losing suspect in woodlands, other officers were on hand to make the arrest when they found him hiding in a nearby pub.

The drama began at about 1pm on December 3 when PCSO Brader was alerted to a suspicious vehicle in an isolated spot at Peakirk.

He said: "There was a large amount of copper piping off-cuts on the back seat of the suspect vehicle.

"Then I noticed a man hiding in the bushes next to the road.

"In fact it was quite comical as he was wearing a really bright top and was hiding in a bush that didn't have any leaves.

"I went to see what he was up to as I thought he might be dumping some evidence but he just took off.

"I used to be pretty good at running, so I didn't think twice about chasing after him, but I had no idea I would be running for half an hour. He added: "I was worried running over the railway line but I couldn't let him escape."

Praising his determination, Sergeant Alan Bradshaw said: "The way PCSO Brader remained focused and showed such endurance while keeping other officers informed to make the arrest was brilliant."


they mean business

great way to start the week

there's a lot to smile about this Monday

Including hott cops!

ho ho ho in portland

ho ho ho vegas

Saturday, December 12, 2009

you go, gurl!!

Angela Gutierrez says she had to do something when she saw a police officer being attacked.

"Nobody wants to be in that situation," she says.

Gutierrez, who is nine months pregnant, was driving down the road with her husband and child, when she saw a group of teens attack a police officer.

The Alton officer was called to the scene to break up a fight. Before arriving he already knew he would need help and called for backup. The teens the officer spotted refused to cooperate. Instead, they attacked.

Dashcam video recorded sounds of the teens beating the officers repeatedly.

Help finally arrived for the officer. It wasn't another officer. It was Gutierrez, whose baby is due in two weeks.

She says, "Something felt like I had to help. I told the guys to leave him alone."

Gutierrez is shown in the dashcam video trying to stop one of the teens. The group continued wrestling. At one point, the teens tried to grab the officer's gun. The pregnant Gutierrez continued to help the officer.

She says it was a gut reaction. The teens soon took off running.

Police tracked down the suspects a few days later. The three teens were arrested. They were charged with aggravated assault on a public servant and evading arrest. A judge set each of their bonds at $3,100,000 bond.

The officer who was attacked is recovering at home.

By Stephanie Stone


this is the weekend of calendars...

Ok, I got a good look...a very, very, LONG, LONG, GOOD HARD look at my gf's San Diego Enforcer's 2010 Calendar.

OMG. Buff bods a plenty, ladies! If you liked the Garland SWAT calendar a few years back, you will LOVE this one.

One of the officers in this calendar was on Hott Cops, and let me tell ya, the picture I posted has NOTHING on the way he looks in this calendar. HOTT DAMN. In case you're wondering who was on the site and in the calendar, he's Sgt. "April":). It is definitely "time for a refresher course"!

There are sooooo many gorgeous guys in this calendar and they're shirtless, as well as dressed in a suit, which I think is VERY SEXY.

I can't even pick the hottest one because there are too many hott ones to pick from. There is one D.A. investigator from the San Diego District Attorney's Office that totally makes me want to turn states evidence.

Trust me, if you like gorgeous men with gorgeous bods, you will not be disappointed in this calendar.

happy daze

This afternoon, I received an early Christmas present. (Again, I apologize for blowing your surprise out of the water, Copluvr:) I told my gf I was going to order a calendar at which point, she 'fessed up to buying me one already for Christmas.

As Bette Midler said, "Ya got to have friends...."

My gf presented me with a copy of Cops & Dogs 2010 calendar.

I am VERY happy with it, and I'm sure it will bring me 12 months of Hottness:) In the middle of the calendar is a nice pull out poster.

Hottest deputy is DEFINITELY Deputy Pat Papero of the Mercer County Sheriff's Department (NJ). Deputy November appears with his dog, Nero. Nero & Papero...they rhyme:)!

There's also a very cool picture of Sgt. Carrie Rathof of the Rowan PD carrying her dog Tito on her shoulder. I told Mr. G that if we're ever required to carry our Lab, we're going to be in serious trouble....

Photographer John Baer did a great job with this calendar. And my gf said the shipping was very fast, too.

another BRILLIANT money making idea


I posted about it on Twitter and gave the major networks a few days to pick up on my brilliant idea, but they didn't. TLC, what happened to you? Any channel that resorts to filming hormonal teenage girls crying, and pushy mothers of crying, hormonal teenage girls throwing even bigger fits because they aren't getting their way, is DESPERATE for programming.

I guess I'll have to pen this sucker myself.

I say we take the stupid show, "Steven Seagal, Lawman" and combine it with the equally stupid TLC (take that!) show "Mall Cops" and make a show much better suited to the "actor" called, "Steven Seagal, Mall Cop."

Here's a segment from the first ep:

Mall Cop #1: "Mr. Seagal, we have a problem in Victoria's Secret. A size 16 woman is trying to fit into a pair of size 6 underpants. The store clerks can't let her do it. We're afraid a fight is about to break out."

Steven Seagal, Mall Cop: "Don't worry, son. I know you've only worked here three years, but I'm the celebrity and I work here once every several years to maintain my fake title, so I'll handle it."

Steven speaks to the camera in a quiet voice he thinks no one around him can hear, "We need to learn to handle these calls with finesse and harmony, so I'm going to meditate on this first to see how I can bring peace to this situation. TASER! TASER!"

Mall Copo #1: "Steven, NOOOO!"

Steven Seagal enters Victoria's Secret: "Where the woman with the fat ass be at? Where the underwear be at? Sistah, talk to me."

Sistah: "I want these underpants! It's my right!"

Steven, speaking to the camera: "Us cops know the mall is a dangerous place. That's why we carry high powered rifles."

Mall Cop #1: "We don't carry high pow---"

Steven, continuing: "Women everywhere are trying to crowd their bodies into clothes way too tight for them, but I played a Navy SEAL once. I can handle anything."

Steven Seagal: "Sistah, I understand your problem. I study Zen and I'm a big time movie star. You be wanting my autograph? How 'bout a picture?"


Steven Seagal: "Calm down. We'll handle that situation. But first, my Wiki page has a really cool picture of me, where I look all Buddhist like. Would you like to see it? I carry several copies in my wallet."


Steven Seagal: "I'm also a singer. Would you like me to sing a song from the Crystal Cave?"

Sistah: "Sing?! You couldn't sing your way out of a box of tampons."

Steven Seagal: "TASER! TASER!"

Mall Cop #1: "Steven, NOOOOOO!"

Steven, speaking to the camera: "At the mall know we know how quickly these situations can escalate out of control. That's why we carry extra rounds of ammo."

Mall Cop #1: "We don't carry extra ammo---"

Steven: "Sistah, you need to get peaceful. I be patient. I suggest you step away from the sexy panties, march over to KMart and buy some grandma panties, or I will go all Aikido on your ass."

Sistah: "TASER! TASER!"

Mall Cop #1: "Here...take mine."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

they're goin' ballistic in livonia, too!

they're goin' ballistic in wylie

WTF?! it's Steven Seagal, that's right, Steven Seagal, Deputy Sheriff

My job sucks big time and I needed a laugh, so naturally I had to watch this week's installment of "Steven Seagal, Lawman."

Something I noticed on last week's shows, I noticed again this week. Why does Steven use improper English when he’s on calls? Does he feel he has to dumb it down for the streets? “Where the baby got hit?” “Where he at? Where he at?” “That your baby? Where Momma?” SPEAK. ENGLISH.

My favorite line in this show was not from Steven but from another cop who yelled to a group of three men walking in a store parking lot that they wanted to stop, “Hey, all of ya all!”Almost as funny as the NY officer on COPS who shouted, "Hey, youse guys! Stop!"

After one woman accused a man of hitting her child with his car and they were fighting, Steven stepped aside and spoke to the camera in his quiet actor voice--wonder if he does that in real life? “The martial arts that I practice is Aikido, which is all about harmony and oneness, and there’s an awful lot of arguing going on here so I’m going to see if I can promote a little harmony.”

When the 911 operator initially radioed the officers about the car accident, Steven picked up the radio and said in his quiet actor voice, "That's very bad news." Yet another intelligent observation, not unlike “the streets are a dangerous place.”
OH! And on this week's shows, Steven SANG.

This show just keeps getting better and better. And when I say "better and better" I mean "funnier and funnier".